Educational & Cognitive Assessment

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre offer a range of standardised assessment packages through our Psychologist.


– Specific Learning Disability (Dyslexia) diagnosis
– Giftedness and Twice Exceptional diagnosis
– Intellectual Disability diagnosis
– Support & Advocacy for students needing special exam conditions
– Support for parents who wish to maximise child’s learning potential

                                               AN EDUCATIONAL AND COGNITIVE ASSESSMENT

Can promote greater understanding of academic performance and achievement. A educational and cognitive assessment can identify the underlying issues that may be preventing a person from achieving his or her academic potential. Similarly, a child who is displaying exceptional abilities may require support and enrichment within their environment. Learning disabilities, intellectual deficits and giftedness can be identified following this assessment.

                                                                COMPREHENSIVE ASSESSMENT

Sometimes a more specific diagnostic assessment is required. This may be an assessment of intellectual disability for the purpose of accessing further support through other agencies, or to meet criteria for entry to special programmes, or to access funding. An assessment of this type usually requires a full cognitive assessment, and an assessment of adaptive behaviour or functional living skills.

All assessments come with a comprehensive written report which will include recommendations for further intervention for your child. These home and school-based interventions can be shared with your child’s teachers and school professionals to assist with educational planning for your child’s future.

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