Real Stories

Friends For Life

The programme provided our daughter with some foundational tools to cope in a number of different social and emotional situations. Learning with her through the parent book helped us to understand what she might be feeling which was not only educational but also meant we can help her more. We particularly liked the traffic light system and have used it since. It’s a shame the programme isn’t available across the school because we feel there are so many others that could benefit from this. We’re very glad we signed up to Friends for Life and recommend it.


My relationship with my 3 year old has been transformed after completing the toolbox cours, it has given me the tools I needed to get the best out of my daughter. Our relationship is so much better now and I am able to be on control of situations and keep calm and sort things out. The toolbox course has been absolutely invaluable to me, and my children. We have a much happier household because of it and happier children and a happy mum.