Our Services

Our Services

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre is a primary mental health and social service provider. We are a team of Registered Health Professionals who specialise in working with children and families. We offer a range of evidence based services ti support families in meeting the emotional, social and behavioural needs of their children.

We promote skilled parents:

  • Parent education groups for parenting gifted children, addressing difficult behaviour, understanding developmental stages, developing resilient children and parenting special needs children.
  • Individual parent consultation¬† around specific issues such as separation, loss, a child’s emotional, social or behavioural challenge.
  • Prevention of post natal depression

We promote resilient kids:

  • School based resilience and friendship skill education
  • Intervention for mild to moderate mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders
  • School based individual student support around behavioural, social and learning issues
  • Individual and sibling support through parental separation, family loss and other traumas
  • Social skill groups
  • Behavioural support

We promote healthy families:

  • Collaboration with community services
  • Care & protection and family violence prevention
  • Family conflict resolution
  • Support for siblings relationships

Whether your family is just experiencing a bump in the road or are on a long journey, we can help you!
Sometimes reaching out for help is the most powerful thing you can do for your family.

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