Putting children first through separation


A separation or divorce causes many changes in a child’s life and stress for everyone in the family. If children’s emotional needs are understood and planned for, children can be very resilient through family change.

The Ministry of Justice provides a free information programme called Parenting Through Separation which is offered monthly in the Wakatipu.
This programme will provide information about
– How separation affects children
– What children need during separation
– Talking with children
– Talking with ex-partners about arrangements for the children
– Keeping children away from arguments
– How the Family Court works

You can enrol by calling 0800 211 211 or at www.justice.govt.nz/family

Some children will have strong feelings and may need extra help sorting them out. The Queenstown Lakes Family Centre can help you and your children manage this in the family and support strong parent-child relationships.

– One parent consultation regarding your family’s situation
– Three children’s support sessions
– Education and clarification about separation and plan for care
– Support for your children to talk, ask question and express feelings about the separation

Support is research based and provided by registered clinicians


For details, fees and/or to set up an initial appointment please contact us