Corporate Sponsorship


Working in partnership with business

Whether you have 15 or 15,000 employees there are many ways you can support us.

Contact us

Does your company support a charitable trust? Does it have a charity of the year policy?  Phone (03) 4414331

Why support us?

Working together with Queenstown Lakes Family Centre will raise your public profile, enhance your reputation and motivate employees. Your company will be promoting social responsibility by demonstrating a commitment to our community.

How we support you

We can help deliver a partnership that will benefit your business – we understand each company is different

Some ways your company can help


Long term relationships provide an opportunity for your employees and customers to see how their contribution will make a significant difference to the work of Queenstown Lakes Family Centre.


A straightforward donation can support Queenstown Lakes Family Centre at a regional or national level and help us achieve our vital work in mental health promotion and services.

Staff fundraising

Providing fun ways to raise valuable funds can motivate your employees, assist in their development and team building bonds.


Events are a great way to entertain your clients and suppliers, and thank your staff. They are great at raising your company’s profile, too. There’s a variety of events to choose from: mini sport tournaments to corporate golf challenges, coffee mornings to gala dinners.


When you sponsor our mental health promotion programmes, a fundraising event or publication, you can help reach your target audiences with a positive message. Cause Related Marketing and Joint Promotions link your brand or product to Queenstown Lakes Family Centre. You can increase awareness of your brand, build customer loyalty and increase sales.

In Kind support

In Kind support allows you to donate services, like consultancy work, or products like office equipment – whatever your business can offer we are interested in hearing about it.