Transition and Change in Our Children

Transition and change is normal. Transition is a time which if full of opportunity and potential, however, it may also hold uncertainty and anxiety which without the right skills can become overwhelming for our children.

It is widely known and understood that transition and change can have an impact on our children’s ability to cope day to day.

  • Transition difficulties may come from: normal growth and development, changing schools or home, a new sibling, family separation, illness or loss.
  • The impact of transition may cause: confusion, anger, difficult behaviours, sadness, disengagement, clinginess, crying. It may cause difficulty for a child to engage in learning, or develop and maintain friendships.
  • Transitions may also stir uncomfortable feelings in ourselves or uncertainty on how best to support our children through this.

What transitions are happening in our family? How is this impacting on you? On your child?

Queenstown Lakes Family Centre  is offering the opportunity for families to explore the impact of normal transition and change on your child and how to teach them the skills they need to be confident, learn resilience and develop healthy supportive friendships.

Seminar date: Wednesday 25th November 2015
Time:                6.30 pm
Cost:                 $20

Registrations are essential to book your place.

Ph: (03)441 4331